Upgrade ubuntu 18.04 or lxd 3.0.3 (package) first?

  • i have an ubuntu 18.04 running with a lot of lxd containers. lxd version is 3.0.3 (package version).
  • because of the EOL of ubuntu 18.04, i was wondering what could be the best update/upgrade plan
    o upgrade lxd to the snap version 5.11 (i read about the problems of 5.11+ version with zfs) and afterwards upgrade ubuntu
    o just upgrade ubuntu to 20.04
    i have backups of the containers (published and image exported to .tar.gz) and
    the database.


The ZFS issue can be worked around if you use the -hwe kernel.

What I’d recommend is:

  1. export all your instances just in case something goes south
  2. Install LXD snap from a stable channel (I’d pick 5.0/stable)
  3. Migrate from deb to snap: sudo lxd.migrate
  4. Upgrade the host to 20.04