Upgrading from Nextcloud 26 to Nextcloud 27 on LXD Ubuntu 20.04 container

Has anyone tried updating from Nextcloud Hub 4 (26) to Nextcloud Hub 5 (27) on an LXD container. When I try this, the cpu is pegging like crazy filling up the syslog with a lot of output. Its the coolwsd process that seems to be eating the machine up.

LXD version 5.10
Ubuntu container running 20.04
I tried installing php 8.1

The syslog is filling up with error messages. I had to delete the container as it was growing too quickly.

I initially tried to do this by using the Nextcloud web based updater.
I then reverted back to Nextcloud Hub 4 and tried to run a do-release-upgrade and then upgrade to Hub 5 but I still get the cpu meters pegging.

Any thoughts on this?
Many thanks.

The LXD project is no longer part of LinuxContainers and support is now handled by Canonical on the Ubuntu forum, please see https://linuxcontainers.org/lxd for details.