Upgrading lxd 2.16 to 3.0 on ubuntu xenial


I’m running lxd 2.16 on ubuntu 16.04 from backports and would like to upgrade to 3.0. Is it as simple as doing an apt upgrade? should downtime be expected on the containers?

I’m worried about ending with some kind of inconsistent state. I could arrange a failover and downtime on that server if needed, but if it can be avoided that’d be great.



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Ouch, 2.16 is very much unsupported :slight_smile:

Yes, upgrading to 3.0 should be as simple as a package upgrade, I don’t remember all the upgrade patches between those two versions, but it’s actually pretty likely that the containers won’t even be stopped at all during this.

That being said, given the huge version jump and the fact that lxd, lxc and lxcfs will all be upgraded, I’d strongly recommend planning for a host reboot post-upgrade, just to make sure everything is clean.

I’d also strongly recommend to do a 2-step upgrade: first upgrade to the latest version in the 2.x series (that should be 2.21), then upgrade to 3.x. That should greatly minimize the risk of breakage due to the various database patches and upgrade scripts.

2.21 isn’t available though, for xenial the only two versions available would be 2.0.11 or 3.0.1

alright, thanks to both of you, I’ll do the upgrade + reboot, I thought that wanna go be best, but wanted to double check before having to put in the work to deal with the downtime.

Yikes: I am running 2.0.11 on Ubuntu 16.04. I have to say I’m really happy with it, BUT if it’s unsupported…

To say the least, I’m really nervous about upgrading as I have several containers running that I need to operate. I regularly apt update and apt upgrade my server, so I suppose I was expecting lxd would have been incrementally upgraded with time, but obviously I have missed an important trick on the way.

From your comment above, I guess this is now an unsupported version? Can you provide guidance on how I go about upgrading my server incrementally (presumably one package to the next) so as to minimize my chances of major issues please? how do I do that please?

2.0.11 is supported, it’s a LXD LTS release.

We currently support:

  • LXD 2.0.x LTS (currently 2.0.11) until June 2021
  • LXD 3.0.x LTS (currently 3.0.2) until June 2023
  • LXD 3.x (currently 3.5) until the next release comes out (3.6)

Oh thank you. I’m leaving mine well alone for now then. It’s not broken and it does pretty much everything I want, so I am in no rush to improve it. Thanks for the clarification, Stéphane.



fwiw in case somebody googles out this thread… upgrade worked flawlessly, just did sudo apt install -t xenial-backports lxd lxd-client lxd-tools and everything happened like magic (running 3.0.1 LTS, @stgraber dunno if that’s what you meant, but 3.0.2 doesn’t seem to be in backports.).

Really pleased with it, thank you all for the massive amount of work that went into making this possible.

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3.0.2 should be in backports in the next 10 days or so, the SRU process is taking forever…