USB from remote host

Just a simple question.
Is it possible to add to container an usb device from remote host. By cluster?


  • Home automation container


  • USB Dongles

Home automation container retrieve from dongles plugs on host2 datas.



Normally, you can expose a USB device from the host to a container on that host. The way this is currently done, is the device disappears from the host and is available exclusively to that container.

You are asking about sharing a resource (a USB device) between two LXD installations, which in effect means to share a USB device over IP.
By setting up usbip, the issue of sharing a USB device becomes an issue of setting up a network connection between the two hosts.

The pieces in doing all these are there (usbip client software, usbip kernel module, etc).
Have a look on putting them together. If you can find a good guide on this to recommend, would be great.
In general, this is USB over IP

Thanks, not necessary sharing device, It can stay exclusively to a container.
I’ll try to find solution about network.