USB passtrough Serial/adb/wifi dongle

Hello there.

I am using the current stable lxd install from snap store:
latest/stable: 4.0.1 2020-04-28 (14890)
And i am struggling to get USB passtrough work. At this point i have 2 unprivileged containers with X11 access which does works well. Still my goal would be de-attach a USB wifi dongle and a Android adb and USB serial devices from the host and connect them to the container. I have tried to follow the documentation and i tried to read trough the other topics as well,but no success. What did I missed.

Thank you in advance :smiley: big fan of the project

Depending on the device, you can use different types.of LXD devices.
For a network device, see an example at

For ADB, the LXD USB device is sufficient.