Using the Kali LXD container image

A recent addition to the list of container images at the images: repository, is the Kali Linux container image.
Yes, it’s Kali, the security distribution.

Kali was added to LXD by one of the Kali developers.

Normally it would make sense to use Kali in VM because security, but still the distribution has many network tools that still make sense in LXD.

Instead of showing the network tools though, in the following we show how to use the Kali LXD container with those WiFi tools. In particular, we attach a USB WiFi adapter to the container, and switch it to monitor mode.

I haven’t see yet another post about the Kali LXD container image. Normally, the Kali community adds a blog post at for announcements, but there is none yet for the LXD image. Therefore, I do not know how they expect to use the Kali LXD container image.

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Post about this tutorial on the Kali forums,

The tutorial made it into the Kali Linux 2019.3 release notes,