Vagrant-lxc: The `lxc` package does not seem to be installed or `lxc-create` is not accessible on the PATH

I’m on Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS, running lxd from snap:
lxd 4.3 16100 latest/stable canonical*
Vagrant 2.2.9
vagrant-lxc (1.4.3, global)

if I try:

% vagrant up --provider=lxc
[sudo] password for that_guy:
The lxc package does not seem to be installed or lxc-create is not accessible on the PATH.

This is true - there is no lxc-create on my system.

So is there a simple fix for this - where I can still stay on up-to-date- versions of each part of the platform?


-Peter G

Maybe there’s a LXD driver for vagrant?
The error you’re showing indicates that vagrant is looking for plain old LXC rather than LXD.

Alternatively I suppose you could install lxc-utils which would give you that plain old LXC with the tools including lxc-create, but none of that will be using LXD.

Hi @stgraber,
Thanks for your help.

  1. lxc version 4.3 is installed on my system using snap.
    So I’m not sure what you mean by ‘plain old lxc’. lxc is what I normally use. It seems there is no hyphenated api installed for lxc.
    If I install lxc-utils to get that hyphenated api will it clash with the snap installation?

  2. vagrant-lxd works as-advertised if you follow the instructions

  3. vagrant-lxc hasn’t been touched fo 2 years. So maybe it should rest-in-peace

Thanks again,
–Peter G