Vector Packet Processing (VPP) works with LXD - an extensible framework providing out-of-the-box Production Quality Switch/Router functionality

What is Vector Packet Processing (VPP)?

The VPP platform is an extensible framework that provides out-of-the-box Production Quality Switch and Router functionality. It is the open source version of Cisco’s Vector Packet Processing (VPP) technology: a high performance, packet-processing stack that can run on commodity CPUs.

The benefits of this implementation of VPP are its high performance, proven technology, its modularity and flexibility, and rich feature set.

The VPP technology is based on proven technology that has helped ship over $1 Billion of Cisco products. It is a modular design. The framework allows anyone to “plug in” new graph nodes without the need to change core/kernel code.

Video - VXLAN for Linux Containers with Vector Packet Processing (VPP) and Honeycomb

What is Honeycomb:

Honeycomb is a generic NETCONF/RESTCONF java-based management agent and provides a framework for building specialized agents.

It uses many features and utilities from different Opendaylight (ODL) projects (e.g. yangtools, controller, mdsal and netconf).

The biggest use case of Honeycomb is VPP (’s Vector Packet Processor).

Honeycomb delivers a management agent to enable integration of VPP with e.g. SDN controllers such as OpenDayLight.

For VPP specific distribution of Honeycomb, please refer to hc2vpp project.