VGA console connect

After the updation of lxd 4.4, I am trying to create a windows VM on a remote linux server. I am using this document for the creation. After the step lxc console vmname --type=vga, I am getting the following

LXD automatically uses either spicy or remote-viewer when present.
As neither could be found, the raw SPICE socket can be found at:

How can I use VGA console to see the installer boot? Can anyone please explain?

Thank you !!

Did you install either spicy or remote-viewer packages?

No, Is it install on my local computer ? I’m using a windows PC now. So how can I connect to remote machine from my local windows PC?

LXD 4.5 (to be released today/tomorrow) will properly support detecting and using virt-viewer on Windows.

You could already make this work by installing it either manually from or using Chocolatey.

Once installed, LXD 4.5 or before it’s released, a recent upstream build like will detect it and use it.

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sorry, I need more clarification about that. In my case, I configured LXD on a remote Linux server and created VM through ssh, Now I am trying to connect the VM from my windows laptop to perform the installation.
How can I connect to the VM to perform the installation?

On the server, do:

  • lxc config set core.https_address :8443
  • lxc config set core.trust_password some-password

On Windows, download the .zip I linked, extract lxc.exe from it, then from a terminal do:

  • lxc remote add my-server IP-ADDRESS
  • [accept fingerprint and enter the password you set earlier]
  • lxc remote switch my-server
  • lxc list
  • lxc console NAME --type=vga

That assumes you’ve also installed virt-viewer using the .msi I linked earlier.


Abled to connect to the VM
@stgraber Thanks for the faster response