Viewing existing containers via virt-manager remotely

Hi All.

Can someone help enlighten me on how I can integrate virt-manager and LXC via remote sessions.

Here is the scenario:

PC = Debian Client running virt-manager
SERVER = Ubuntu Server running LXD/LXC

My confusion comes from, currently I can log into server start/create a new container no problem, but I can’t then see that container running on the client PC via virt-manager.

Likewise, I can create a new container remotely from PC, but then using command-line apps on server, I can’t see the container running?

Perhaps these two apps aren’t really that well integrated? Basically I’m looking for a way of how I can remotely ‘manage’ a server running multiple containers and be able stop/start and attach to those containers. I thought logically that virt-manager would do that, but perhaps there is some other way that I’m not aware of?


Have a look at this recent discussion on LXC with virt-manager,

In a nutshell, the LXC in virt-manager is a separate re-implementation of Linux Containers and it’s different from what we call LXC here.

Thank you.