Virtiofs mount windows guest

Hi! Can this be done? I have a win11 guest with the winfsp service online. Can i add a disk to lxd and then mount? Has anyone done it? Googled and searched this forum.

@stgraber @monstermunchkin do you know anything about the state of virtiofs in Windows?

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I do not. I was under the impression that there is some support for it based on what I saw in (viofs/virtfs).

Well yes it works in the guest. But i need to connect it to my host. I would like to use the disk i added in lxd, but at least like this libvirt: Sharing files with Virtiofs

I dont know how to add those paths with lxd.

So you can do lxc config device add VM DEVNAME disk source=/path/on/host path=whatever. This will lead to a lxd_DEVNAME 9p and virtiofs share to be setup which you can then mount from within the guest.

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