Virtual machine - boot from iso image and graphic console

I read more topic about using graphical enviroment for apps running into LXC container by LXD. (thanks @simos) Now i still testing KVM over LXD in my testbed, but i don’t find in official doc any way to mount an iso image and use a graphical console (install OS for example). I’m a bit confused…, at the moment can i use this feature in LXD?


One way would be to pass the Unix socket of the host’s X11 socket to the container. However this eliminates the benefits of isolation.

The alternative is to use either a second GPU exclusively for the VM (requires VT-d), either any of the virtualized GPUs that are available. There are guides for both when using qemu. LXD also uses qemu, and now there is the ability to pass parameters to qemu. Such guides remain to be adapted for LXD.

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I use a command similar for the one of windows VM find on the post for VM on LXD
echo -n ‘-device virtio-vga -vnc :1 -drive file=/home/stan/dev_work/lxd/rear.iso,index=0,media=cdrom,if=ide’ | lxc config set rear raw.qemu -

I attach an iso files crated with rear and use it for test of DR.
And I can install it also in text mode with the console and after switch to VNC connection.

Only problem, i don’t have an working lan connectio, maybe I don’t use the lxc init command in the right way?

Might just be that the system you’re installing doesn’t have virtio-net drivers?

You could list the PCI devices to confirm that a network card is present.

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Yes, it is correct because it is a clone of a wks made by rear.

Thanks for hint