Virtualbox to Incus VM migration

I have a Windows Server VM currently managed by Virtualbox that I would like to migrate to Incus. Is there a detailed howto anywhere for this?

Importing VM image files is documented here; recent changes to the incus-migrate[^1] tool have made this easier.

First, export your existing VM image as a raw file. If it’s vdi/vmdk/qcow2 etc then use qemu-img to convert it to raw.

Then run incus-migrate and it will prompt you interactively. You can see the steps here: incus-migrate usability issues when importing raw images · Issue #660 · lxc/incus · GitHub

[^1] Download it separately from the github releases page, or it’s in the incus-extra package

You’re going to want to make sure to install all the VirtIO drivers prior to migrating a Windows VM into Incus. You may also need to set io.bus=nvme on the root device as even with the drivers installed, Windows will usually not include the virtio-scsi driver into the early boot driver set, but NVME should be in there.