VM Live Migration?

Will VM live migration be a thing? Is it already possible with lxc commands?

We’re currently working on cold migration for VM.
Live migration will come but it may be a few months before we get to that.

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Sorry to nag, but has any progress occurred on live vm migration? I’m using MAAS to provision machines to a LXD cluster and it would be nice if there was a way to balance out the cluster host. Thanks!

We support stateful migration of VMs now (i.e saving the memory state to a file and transferring that and then restoring it without the VM being rebooted).

Its not quite as efficient/fast as it could be, as we are freezing the VM, dumping the memory state and then tranferring it, whereas QEMU does support an iterative transfer method we plan to utilise in the future.

That sounds very exciting indeed! I did figure out how to move a VM using lxc move <vm-name> --target <host-name>, but I had to shutdown the VM. Is there any documentation for doing what you described? Thanks!

Use the --stateful flag with lxc move, lxc snapshot or lxc stop. You have to enable stateful support in the VM config first though using lxc config set <instance> migration.stateful=true

See Instance configuration - LXD documentation

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Very neat!

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