VM wont run on different SSD

Hi all, Im fairly new to the LXD/LXC scene, but so fare I’ve been playing around with it quite well getting a feel for how to do things. However I came up with a weird situation which makes absolutely no sense to me, and I’m hoping some one has seen it before and has an answer…

So Im currently running a lenovo m720q with 32GB ram and a 128GB NVME drive and its built up as my new home router/firewall setup utilising ipfire and pihole; ipfire as a VM and pihole in a container. Both of which I’ve successfully done using proxmox, but I wanted to go deeper so LXD it is!

I have the setup running successfully on the 128GB drive (which was OEM), however, when I replicate the setup but with a samsung evo 470 500GB drive, the ipfire VM cannot find a bootable device even though I’ve attached the iso and set up the hdd exactly the same in both NVME drives.

When I boot into the ipfire instance on the samsung device it boots into pxe lan boot, but cant find anything so keeps looping.

It has the error: bdsdxe: failed to load boot002 “uefi qemu qemu harddisk”

I tried with secure boot both on and off, but that made no difference.

I checked the logs for ipfire but there was only 4 tap errors that didnt continually repeat (and the same errors are seen on the working ipfire instance on the other nvme drive so it isnt that.)

Any ideas?