Warnings in incusd.log

I am using debian 12 with Zabbly’s kernel and zfs. In /var/log/incus/incusd.log I find several warnings, such as:

time=“2024-05-21T06:00:29Z” level=warning msg=“IPv4 bridge netfilter not enabled. Instances using the bridge will not be able to connect to the proxy listen IP” device=ssh170 driver=proxy err=“br_netfilter kernel module not loaded” instance=tst project=default

Should I be concerned about this?

Do you have instances that are using proxy devices with nat=true?

If so that warning is letting you know that if you want the container itself to be able to connect to its own proxy IP address, you need to ensure that br_netfilter is loaded prior to the instance starting up.

As loading that module can have some side effects depending on the host firwall configuration, we’re not doing that automatically for you.