We might want to audit our categories

This Discourse server has many categories. Some of these categories have pinned threads about LXD. Also, there is a category for LXD.

Has someone gone though the categories, and pinned threads since recent changes?

We’re keeping the LXD category so that new posts that relate to LXD can be moved there before commenting that this isn’t the correct place anymore.

We also don’t want to lose all the former content there for anyone looking for it.

That said, the category is configured to not allow new posts, so the only new posts you’re seeing in there are those that the admins have manually moved over.

As for pinned posts, we currently have:

  • Important notice for LXD users (image server)
  • LXD is no longer part of the Linux Containers project
  • How to best ask questions on this discussion forum
  • Easy issues for new contributors

Which seems reasonable. The two LXD related ones will go away once we’re done migrating those users off of our image servers, so likely in April/May.

I’ve updated the How to best ask questions to not refer to LXD anymore.

That sounds like a good plan. :+1:

There are a few other categories, though.

  • Jobs
  • Tutorials
  • Specifications

I will take a deeper look when I have a proper keyboard and trackpad.

Yeah, those will need to be un-LXD-ified at some point soon, will most likely happen as relevant content for them that relates to Incus becomes a thing.

@simos you have quite a few posts in the Tutorials category, would you be willing to update those from LXD to Incus?

I’ll look into them. I’ll do a few foundation posts first: migrating (done), installing, removing+installing again.