Websocket operation failure, where to find more info?

Hope you are all well during this crazy times. I am trying to test things, and had to do a quick setup, maybe i am doing something wrong but, here it is anyway. I am on LXD stable 4.0.0, Ubuntu.

The websocket is connection is coming back as a failure when trying to run /bin/bash in interactive, I have checked var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/logs/lxd.log for errors and nothing there. The browser shows no errors, and neither does the websocket server, just the LXD websocket operation says failure and stops. Any thoughts?

|                  ID                  |   TYPE    |    DESCRIPTION    | STATUS  | CANCELABLE |       CREATED        |
| 79ff876c-a8f9-49f0-9760-c88b725e8d13 | WEBSOCKET | Executing command | FAILURE | NO         | 2022/04/25 15:59 UTC |


What does lxc operation show ID get you?

Thanks that helped me find out what was going on, its giving me an error Timed out waiting for websocket, I am guessing its a problem with my docker development setup, because i just created a new VM and installed everything and it’s all hunky dory.

Thank you.

I have included the output, for other users.

$ lxc operation show ffe1b0de-3ae1-4b86-9550-aef88a4335fd
id: ffe1b0de-3ae1-4b86-9550-aef88a4335fd
class: websocket
description: Executing command
created_at: 2022-04-26T09:13:45.507952332Z
updated_at: 2022-04-26T09:13:45.507952332Z
status: Failure
status_code: 400
  - /1.0/containers/mysql
  - /1.0/instances/mysql
  - /bin/bash
    HOME: /root
    LANG: C.UTF-8
    PATH: /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin
    TERM: xterm-256color
    USER: root
    "0": f50f38982d2f9b83b9f48f13f92d081714f17944c8bff6cc3b12578a42bdf001
    control: 97bf8300338b4ff9d59e27d16f2974ddb61c61038fe33e47239ba0a496818f35
  interactive: true
may_cancel: false
err: Timed out waiting for websock