Weekly status #130

Weekly status for the week of the 6th January to the 12th of January.


This past week our focus has been almost entirely on the new LXD storage layer with many bug fixes and improvements being merged. The big ticket item was the new ZFS storage driver.

In addition to that support for multiple VM NIC devices was added.

On the LXC front support for procfs has been removed, as all new features will depend on using anon-inode pidfs.

Additionally there was a change to the way veth devices are initiated. Rather than creating them in the host’s network namespace and then moving one end into the container’s network namespace, one end of the veth pair is now directly created inside the container’s network namespace. This allows us to work around a kernel permission bug that in combination with a recent change in systemd 244 causes uses of systemd-networkd to not get an ip address.

Finally a new command flag -v was added to LXCFS to allow the version number to be returned.

Contribute to LXD

Ever wanted to contribute to LXD but not sure where to start?
We’ve recently gone through some effort to properly tag issues suitable for new contributors on Github: https://github.com/lxc/lxd/labels/Easy

You can also find a slightly longer, more detailed list here: Contributing to LXD

FOSDEM 2020 - containers devroom

We will once again be running the containers devroom at the upcoming FOSDEM conference in Brussels, Belgium. This year it’s going to be over the weekend of the 1st and 2nd of February.

Full schedule can be found here: https://fosdem.org/2020/schedule/track/containers/

Upcoming events

Ongoing projects

The list below is feature or refactoring work which will span several weeks/months and can’t be tied directly to a single Github issue or pull request.

  • Virtual machine support
  • Rework of internal LXD storage handling
  • Distrobuilder virtual machine support
  • Various kernel work
  • Stable release work for LXC, LXCFS and LXD

Upstream changes

The items listed below are highlights of the work which happened upstream over the past week and which will be included in the next release.





  • Nothing to report this week

Distribution work

This section is used to track the work done in downstream Linux distributions to ship the latest LXC, LXD and LXCFS as well as work to get various software to work properly inside containers.


  • Nothing to report this week


  • Nothing to report this week