Weekly status #49

Weekly status for the week of the 21st to the 27th of May 2018.


The team was out on Monday due to various regional holidays.
The rest of the week was then spent working on a few new LXD features like UDP and Unix socket proxying, support for nested LXD retrieving images from its host and the lxc-to-lxd rewrite.

We also kept tracking down a number of issues and fixed quite a few of them, especially related to clustering corner cases.

All our branches are now ready for the upcoming 3.0.1 bugfix release which if all testing passes should be out by the end of the week.

Other than that, quite a bit of effort also went into the LXD snap, refreshing all packaging branches, adding a few new features like translation support and a new lxd.buginfo command as well as tracking down a number of reported issues there too.

On the LXCFS side, we merged support for loadavg virtualization which should make it possible for containers to report a much more reliable load value.

And lastly on the LXC side of things, a lot of care went into tracking down a number of Seccomp issues, cleaning up the code quite a bit in the process as well as fixing some issues related to multi-threaded use of the liblxc library.

Upcoming conferences and events

  • None confirmed at this time

Ongoing projects

The list below is feature or refactoring work which will span several weeks/months and can’t be tied directly to a single Github issue or pull request.

  • Rewrite of the LXC-to-LXD migration tool
  • Switching distribution building over to distrobuilder
  • Various kernel work
  • Stable release work for LXC, LXCFS and LXD

Upstream changes

The items listed below are highlights of the work which happened upstream over the past week and which will be included in the next release.





Distribution work

This section is used to track the work done in downstream Linux distributions to ship the latest LXC, LXD and LXCFS as well as work to get various software to work properly inside containers.


  • Nothing to report this week


  • Updated cherry-picked fixes to LXD 3.0.0 and 3.1
  • Improved logging of LXD error codes
  • Added support for command line translations (help translate here)
  • Added a new lxd.buginfo command to capture useful debugging information
  • Bumped Go version to 1.10.2
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