What are different OS supporting Linux Container?


What are the different operating system supporting Linux containers?
Does RHEL, OpenSUSE supports LXC/LXD?

Yes, LXC and LXD will work and are available on a lot of distributions.

For LXD specifically, the snap package we produce is actively tested on the following distributions: https://jenkins.linuxcontainers.org/job/lxd-test-snap-latest-stable/

You’ll note that RHEL isn’t listed up there mostly due to the licensing model, we do test on CentOS and haven’t heard of any different in behavior between RHEL and CentOS so far.


Is there any difference in how we use it in Ubuntu vs Others?
I am trying LXD+LXC on Ubuntu 18.04 and its a first class citizen there but skeptical if i will have same experience with CentOS, RHEL and OpenSUSE.