What are the best LXD manager options for production-ready use?


I’m looking into LXD manager options that are ready for production use such as VMmanager (it can be paid too). I liked VMmanager but it doesn’t support IPv6 only VMs in the same host server along with IPv4 & IPv6 VMs so we cannot use them.

I’m not running a VPS hosting business or anything, I will use these containers as VMs for our SaaS business so I’m looking for a solution that is ready for production use which even a hosting provider can use to sell VMs.

  • It has to support IPv6 only containers and IPv4 & IPv6 containers in the same node
  • It has to have API to deploy containers remotely
  • It has to have image support where we can create an image from one of the containers and deploy new containers with it
  • Optional but migrating of containers between host servers when necessary

What are your suggestions for such a product other than VMmanager?




Can it help you?




The two above or https://github.com/turtle0x1/lxdmosaic

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In all the business projects I’ve used LXD in I’ve so far used cloud-init for the base setup of the LXD instances and then used python3 and the pylxd module to build the orchestration I’ve need to create, updated and remove instances.

The fact that I can create an entire lifecycle for a solution in a few hundred lines of python never ceases to impress.

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These are just GUIs and they were the first thing that came up when I searched for an LXD manager.

I’m not sure “LXD manager” is the right term here but I’m looking something more like SolusVM, Proxmox, Virtualizor, VirtFusion, VMmanager etc. where I can just interact with their API to deploy my LXD VMs and don’t have to worry about everything else. I also want public IP management, possibly where it would assign static public IPs to VMs from my IP pools. I have a few /23 subnets and a /48 subnet.

Is there such product on the market?

A hosted solution (SaaS) would work as well?

Yes, if there’s any. In fact I would prefer that if it’s going to save me the hassle.

Trying to avoid promos or publish contact information here.

Please try kamzar1 (github.com)

Okay, I emailed you. :+1: