What happens during the snap auto-update?

The recommended way to install LXD is using the snap.

By default, snapd will automatically refresh snaps when an new version is available.

What happens during a refresh of the lxd snap? Does it restart the daemon, the containers? If not, shoud we do it?

Is it safe to keep the auto-refresh on?

I have a related question, my host with a few LXD is running in a local area network, no internet connection, the snap refresh generates a lot of messages about not able to refresh in the log, is there a way to disable this? Thanks

I don’t even know if you can disable this: https://docs.snapcraft.io/system-options/87

A snap refresh will respawn the daemon but will not stop any container.

It’s in general safe to have it happen and I have dozens of production servers doing just that.
One thing you can do for peace of mind is setup a maintenance window for the snap in snapd.

This lets you pick a particular timerange throughout the week where the snap can update, picking a time where you’re likely to be awake and around should something happen.

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OK, I’ve gone trough multiple updates without any issue, but I wanted to be sure. Thanks!