What is the most efficient way to run a docker container inside LXC?

I imagine there is already an LXC container out there perfectly designed to run one docker container inside ?

Since most distributed containers are in docker form, that seems like the fastest way to do it if you only use LXC ?

Or, if there is an automatic process to convert a docker container into an LXC container, I imagine that would be a lot better but I guess this does not exist or I simply cannot find it ?

I have a single dedicated proxmox computer, I don’t want to run docker in parrallel on the base OS and I don’t want to create a full VM for every single docker container I need to run. There simply isn’t enough ram to do that.

A community tool got released quite recently, i cant attest to it usefulness but might be of interest to you

Thanks I will try this out !

I was hoping to find ready made LXC container, but I cannot find a repository with the stuff I need.

So maybe I will be able to download docker containers and run them in proxmox with this !