What is the right way to attach shared disks to a cluster?

I have been building vms for non linux systems in our cluster (jammy,5.x) and would like to use install media on our nfs based file storage. Last time I tried to add storage from outside of the local/zfs I was unable to create centralized disk based storage (prolly cause I am still figuring out the new stuff). But also when I mounted an iso using nfs I could not work out how to get apparmor to let me use it and wound up copying the iso the the host itself.

What is the right way to attach centralized storage to a lxd vm in a cluster?

also is it “a” leexdee xxx or “an” lxd xxx :slight_smile:

It’s a lex-dee instance :slight_smile:

For the rest, you mention having an ISO you want attached to your instance which is coming from a NFS share. Normally, I’d expect LXD to do the right thing when you do:

lxc config device add my-vm iso disk source=/path/to/nfs/share/blah.iso

That should generate the relevant apparmor rule automatically for it. If it fails, it’d be good to see the exact denial and also to know if any symlink is present anywhere along the path to the ISO.