What's the progress of lxd instance group

I heard it from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNR8Uj9gJfY&t=95s

What’s the progress of lxd instances group? I can not find any specification, issue or pull request, it just disappear like never exist :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for asking.

This is still on our roadmap, but the scope of the feature was changed quite dramatically and is still being defined across several teams.

We do still have an item on our roadmap for this cycle, but I am not sure what shape the actual feature will take at this time. This needs firming up before we start an implementation.

Is it possible we draft a specification here so the other interested can join the shapping progress?

I expect to make a public specification for the LXD feature yes, but its not available at this time.

I’ve assigned this to me so I can reply to you when one is available.

What’s my expectation(from add group to lxd · Issue #908 · lxc/lxd (github.com) ):

lxc group create ubuntu:18.04 mysql \
  --policy anti-affinity \
  --profile mysql
lxc group up mysql 3 # make member number to 3
lxc group up mysql +1 # add 1 member
lxc group up mysql -1 # remove 1 member
lxc group stop mysql # stop group and its members
lxc group delete mysql # delete group and it's members

Now load balance(ovn), floating ip, ACME, bidirection communication between lxd and instance are
ready, looks everybody is waiting the last one to come for dinner:)

I’ve started working on a basic implementation of this now under the new name of “Deployments” rather than “Instance Groups”:

The spec will also be published in due course.