When use lxc-console, no login prompt

I ceate a lxc container, it is ok when I use lxc-attach.
But when I use lxc-console, it will show:
root@groove41:/etc# lxc-console -n nc -t 0

Connected to tty 0
Type <Ctrl+a q> to exit the console, <Ctrl+a Ctrl+a> to enter Ctrl+a itself

no any login propmt, how to show the login prompt? Thanks

That depends on your container, not all of them spawn a getty on /dev/console.
Your best bet is to keep that lxc-console running and through an lxc-attach session, configure your container so that you get what you want on that console.

Thanks for your replay, so I have other questions. When does the container will spawn a getty on /dev/console? What configuration it depend on? If I use lxc-attach, it always root user, but some applications in our envrionment forbids the root user, so I want to use console to log in with other user.

You could do that with lxc-attach -n NAME -- login.

For the console, it completely depends on the distribution used, the release and whatever init script are there and how they’re configured. Some distributions tend to spawn getty on whatever they can, some don’t.

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Thank a lot, it is helpful

BTW, do we have an official site to get the latest binary package to install? We need to deploy lxc on our system instead of using source code compiling binary