When using --import-into-incus flag for distobuilder, distrobuilder connects using the Incus socket

I am running a Debian VM on my Incus host. I am using it to run distrobuilder.

The VM can connect to Incus using the incus-client package. I configured a remote that uses TLS.

When I use the --import-into-incus flag, distrobuilder tries to connect to incus using the local socket.

It seems that it is not possible to add a proxy device on a VM to proxy sockets.

I am thinking either distrobuilder can be modified for this use-case or I need to rebuild my build server as an Incus container instead of a VM and proxy the socket.

For example, I could do something like what the Jenkins server does. I don’t understand the whole script, though.

Any other ideas? I guess I could just do some bash scripting and drop the --import-into-incus flag. :thinking:

It shouldn’t be particularly difficult to make distrobuilder use shared/cliconfig to parse the same configuration file as the Incus CLI.

Alternatively you could also just do build-incus, then use incus image import to load the images into your Incus server. That’s basically what distrobuilder does through the API call.

Yeah, the latter is what I ultimately did. It works, but I am still interested in making changes directly to distrobuilder.

I am not a go programmer, but I am starting to be able to read the code.