Where can I find the biggest LXC container repository?

I can’t seem to find any LXC containers for most apps ?

Specificatlly I’m looking for a clipbucket, mediagoblin, kaltura, YouPHPTube, piped, cloudtube, pumukit, mediadrop, shareavideo to try them all out and find which one I should use for my usage

I did find one repository from 2018, but it’s been deleted


was from A Public LXD Image Repository

Is there not one “big repository” ? Maybe there’s one but it’s paywalled ? (maybe the proxmox paid repo ?) What is the biggest repo by a LXC sponsor maybe ?

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LXC and LXD are meant to be used with system-containers, not application containers.
system-containers are to be treated like VMs, they just work differently under the hood.

That means you can simply launch a container using your favorite OS(e.g. Ubuntu) and install all the software that you want using the usual methods(like the distros package manager).

Reference: https://linuxcontainers.org/

Our focus is providing containers and virtual machines that run full Linux systems. While VMs supply a complete environment, system containers offer an environment as close as possible to the one you’d get from a VM, but without the overhead that comes with running a separate kernel and simulating all the hardware.

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The system images available are here:


Ok thanks for the replies

So suppose I want to build a mail server with LXC.

I would get a “blank” LXC container like “almalinux 9 amd64”

Do the installation and setup of the 20 or so components that are needed for a mail server.

Then, what do you do with that completed container ?

I presume images.linuxcontainers.org is not the place to post it ?

Is there really no repository ? Everyone who uses LXC, needs to build a entire mail server from scratch every time ?

This seems very inefficient to me !

I understand that LXC is more of a system container than an application container. But what is the purpose of a system with no applications ?

Is LXC just supposed to run docker on top when you want to put an application in it ?

You cannot post to http://images.linuxcontainers.org/ these are images provided by the LXD team.

However each LXD server can act as a public image repository, so if you do create custom images you can lxc publish them using your own LXD server.


You can create your LXD repository on your server

Here is a link to a blog that shows how to publish LXD images (https://ubuntu.com/blog/publishing-lxd-images)

Or you can use this solution, but I never tested it (https://github.com/Avature/lxd-image-server)


I think the user was looking for something like Turnkey Linux, which is a prominent feature of Proxmox’s LXC implementation, and was expecting the same on LXD.