Where can I "Host" my Linux Containerized web app?

I’m still learning about containerization. This post is about getting myself heading in the right direction so I can learn more.

One of the things that has come to mind while I am working on my website is where am I going to deploy my container once I am ready for for it to go live. Do I have to find a hosting/cloud service that can handle a Linux Container, or is just about any one of the hosting/cloud services capable of doing the job. I am looking at Linode/Akamai, and possibly AWS. I haven’t found very much in the way of tutorials or instructions on how to deploy a Linux Container. I would like to do a few practice runs to get the process down before the actual deployment.

Any help will be appreciated.

I think the goal is to deploy the website right? If so, then you might not need to deploy the container. You can use the container for development and testing then deploy the site using the most convenient method for the type of site you are building.

What technologies are you going to use for your website?

I thought the purpose of a “Container” was to build your website inside the “Container”, where you have the environment set so that everything working properly, and then move the “Container” to an online Cloud or VPS provider where it can be activated and be accessible to the world over the Internet. Or am I having a pipe dream?

All I have found as far as instruction related to" Linux Containers" is the basic setup.

That is a good way to go, but not all workloads need that much over head.

There are very light weight solutions for many types of websites. Here are a few simple examples.


If you are looking to run your own VPS and run Incus on it, then you can set it up to host your Linux Containers. It is a great way to do it. In Europe, a lot of people use https://www.hetzner.com/.

If you are looking for a company to take your image and expose it to the open internet you might want to learn about Docker. There are a lot of companies that can run Docker images.

You can also run Docker containers inside of Linux containers.

I use Incus mostly for home lab projects. For production, I run virtual machines and Kubernetes on AWS and IBM Cloud.

I am curious about what other people think. Any ideas?

After more investigation I have found that Linux Containers (LXC) are what is called a system container. There is also a container type that is called an application container. Docker and its alternatives, like Podman/Buildah, are examples of application container. Application container are intended to contain a single specific application like MariaDB and Apache web-server. You can then group or bind together the different containers to form a functioning web-site. I am currently using my Debian Linux Container as a virtual web-server and I will likely setup Podman/Buildah in my container with an image of MariaDB from which I will start a application DB container for each user that logins onto my web site.

Thank You for your insight and help.

You got it!

Thanks for the update. :slight_smile: