Where is the configuration file located?

I’m new to lxc/lxd.

Where is the file that contains the information displayed by the command "lxc config show " located? The /var/lib/lxc/ directory is empty and the file /etc/lxc/defalt.conf only has three lines. I’m using Debian Buster and I’m seeking to get comfortable with Linux Containers.


LXD doesn’t have config files (its stored in a database) and all changes are made via the lxc command.

The lxc command is just the CLI to the lxd server, whereras the lxc-* commands are for the earlier LXC project which is separate from LXD.

See Active Projects on https://linuxcontainers.org/

Hi @RedSLRoadster ,
Can you post the host distribution and are you using lxc or lxd, they are two different thing in general.

Updated: @tomp posted the related information, thanks. :+1:

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See Linux Containers - LXD - Try it online for a guide on common usage.

Ah! Thank you. I have become accustomed to working with text configuration files.