Where to comment on forum setup


My last question resulted in a number of responses - - - to get the complete solution there were actually at least a few different posts needing to be stitched together. Yet it is only possible to pick 1 post as a solution.
Any way to change that?

I do not think there is a feature in this type of forum to have multiple solution posts.

I suppose you can add a new post that summarizes in a single post those two or three posts that covers your solution. Then, mark that single new post as the solution. Future visitors to this forum will love you for that.

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OK - - - can do. Am finding that this style of forum (software primarily) definitely has some issues.

I marked that post as the Solution (I am sort of forum admin).
Are you able to mark your own posts as Solution?
It would be good to know so that I can keep an eye for such posts in the future.

It appears to be possible.
I edited the title/heading to make it easier to find for those looking for such information.
Is the second part of the title helpful?

What I would do, is change the title to something like

How do I connect containers to more than one network using a bridge or macvlan?

It is to the point, search engines will love it as it matches more or less a typical search query.