Where to download images from (wanting URL)

i would like to download some images before i install lxc or lxd if they are available for direct download. the purpose is to come up to speed learning the deep system level technical details. i’ve already built systems and distros on a few architectures (including embedded hardware and VMs), so tearing down a container image should make sense to me. a URL should be all i need if HTTP(S) is the means of normal delivery.

This might be what you are looking for.

Also see

That’s distrobuilder, the new tool to create container images.
You can re-create a container image and distinguish the rootfs part from the rest of the container image.

in the readings i have done so far it seems that existing already built images are downloaded over the network when creating and/or starting a system container designated to run with one of these images. i do not want to depend on, or burden, my network connectivity for this. perhaps a good way to deal with this is to set up a local server that can deliver these images. i am also not sure i would use these images as-is. i already have a number of local images for a number of purposes, such as chroot directories that may be usable as system container images. and they cover distributions and architecture i don’t see elsewhere, such as Slackware and Sparc. for this, i am thinking i won’t be using the linuxcontainers.org images much, so building a cache is not the direction i want to go.

and doing a teardown of some of the images might help me figure out how to make my existing images usable for containers i hope to use.

i do see lists in the URL that varad gave. now i need to figure out how to actually do a download from that server.

See https://images.linuxcontainers.org/images/

thanks. i have downloaded one.