Where to find the windows LXD client?

I’ve installed it previously, but for whatever reason I can’t find a link to download the windows LXD client anymore. I’ve tried google search and searching this forum, but I can’t find anything related.

I found one link for it on a blog post here LXD client on Windows and macOS | Ubuntu, but the link is dead.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

NVM it was on the github page. it installs via chocolatey. Is there any chance of it getting added to winget?

We’d probably need to have someone a bit more familiar with it do some experimentation. Reading about winget quickly, the two main potential issues I see are that it both relies on the program having an installer (we don’t, it’s just a one executable file deal) and it also seems to expect a publicly available URL to be used to pull that binary (rather than hosting a tested and signed binary like Chocolatey and Homebrew do).

Thanks, that makes sense. Do I even need chocolatey then? Can I just download the binary from somewhere and add it to PATH?

You can grab the .exe directly from any of our Github commits, we build a windows.zip through Github actions which includes it.

https://github.com/lxc/lxd/actions/runs/1196604786 is the one for 4.18

Note that to access Github Actions artifacts, you need to be logged in to Github…

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