Windows as lxd on ubuntu 22.04

i try to install windows lxd on ubuntu
i used the following link
i stuck on point 4 i get a shell screen. send screen shut.


Have a look at this updated tutorial on installing Windows on an Incus VM, How to run a Windows virtual machine on Incus on Linux – Mi blog lah!

See also the Incus documentation on how to migrate from LXD to Incus, or have a look at the single-flow tutorial at Migrating to Incus from LXD – Mi blog lah!

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Thanks aimos. i running Mint and start ubuntu on it and my lsb_release is virginia,
installation say : The repository ‘Index of /incus/stable/ virginia Release’ does not have a Release file.

it’s ok. i manually write jammy and it’s working for me. i change or move to incus from lxd.

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if i have a backup from windows 11. can i take from this backup. i have it in separate disk how mount it to lxd and force it to read from backup instead of install a new windows.