Windows ISO create

I am trying to create windows iso by bellow procurer it shows error, where is my problem?

sudo snap install distrobuilder–edge --classic
sudo apt install -y libguestfs-tools

root@lxd1:~# sudo distrobuilder repack-windows Windows10_02Feb2021.iso Windows10_02Feb2021-distrobuilder.iso
INFO Mounting Windows ISO
INFO Downloading drivers ISO
INFO Mounting driver ISO
INFO Modifying WIM file {“file”: “boot.wim”, “index”: 2}
Error: Failed to retrieve wim file information: Failed to run: wimlib-imagex info /var/cache/distrobuilder.735362659/overlay/sources/install.wim: [ERROR] Can’t open “/var/cache/distrobuilder.735362659/overlay/sources/install.wim” read-only: No such file or directory
ERROR: Exiting with error code 47:
Failed to open a file.

@monstermunchkin is this something you can help with?

Is this an official Windows ISO? It appears to be missing the install.wim file which shouldn’t be the case for official ISOs.

yes , download from microsoft.
then plz tell me the procedure? i m trying by this guide

Have you tried just running it again?

Is install.wim really missing? Please check the ISO using:

sudo mount -o loop /path/to/iso /mnt
ls /mnt/sources/install.wim

Could u give me a full guide ? I have no idea about " install.wim"

root@lxd1:~# sudo mount -o loop /path/to/iso /mnt
mount: /mnt: failed to setup loop device for /path/to/iso.
root@lxd1:~# ls /mnt/sources/install.vim
ls: cannot access ‘/mnt/sources/install.vim’: No such file or directory

I have windows ISO stored into /root/ path

/path/to/iso should be replaced by your actual path to the ISO image. So I guess /root/Windows10_02Feb2021.iso?

install.wim is one of the file distrobuilder modifies. It’s located under /<path-to-iso>/sources/install.wim. If it’s missing, that means something’s wrong with the ISO.

Could you give me a proper guide or command? Cause I didn’t see this location /path/to/iso
and also didn’t see //sources/install.wim this file. Today I have download latest ISO file from Microsoft by mediacreation tools. What can I do now? Plz help

Latest downloaded iso file hasn’t install.wim file. But I have download it from microsoft site. what can I do?


Latest ISO on the website is

e793f3c94d075b1aa710ec8d462cee77fde82caf400d143d68036f72c12d9a7e Win10_20H2_English_x64.iso

I suggest you try with that one, not with one possibly mangled by the media creation tool.

Note: If you have a Windows User Agent, you will not see the download option. Fake a Linux one if needed.

Could you please try again with the latest edge snap of distrobuilder? Just run snap refresh distrobuilder --channel=latest/edge to update distrobuilder.