Windows VM error status


I installed a Windows Server 2022 several weeks ago. Later the host machine was restarted.

Now I get this:

# incus start dc11
Error: The instance cannot be started as in Error status
Try `incus info --show-log dc11` for more info

# incus info dc11 --show-log
Name: dc11
Status: ERROR
Type: virtual-machine
Architecture: x86_64
PID: 2298
Created: 2024/05/06 20:53 CEST
Last Used: 2024/05/26 23:08 CEST

  Processes: 0
  Disk usage:
    root: 13.07GiB

|          NAME           |       TAKEN AT        | EXPIRES AT | STATEFUL |
| man_2024-05-10_TEMPLATE | 2024/05/10 10:16 CEST |            | NO       |
Error: open /var/log/incus/dc11/qemu.log: no such file or directory
# incus version
Client version: 6.0.0
Server version: 6.0.0
ii  incus                                  1:6.0-202405282244-ubuntu22.04          amd64        Incus - Container and virtualization daemon (container-only)

During the restart, the VM was not stopped correctly (the reason was discussed in a different topic a few weeks ago, the VM would requires 2 reboot signals):

time="2024-05-26T23:06:23+02:00" level=warning msg="Failed shutting down instance, forcefully stopping" err="Failed shutting down instance, status is \"Running\": context deadline exceeded" instance=dc11 project=default

How can I recover it?

Did you try incus stop --force dc11?