Wireguard tutorial

Anybody tried wireguard in a LXD container? A tutorial on this would be nice.

@bmullan will have some info on this

just follow a standard wg tutorial. It is simple.
Just install a standard ubuntu container then follow this


I think that the LXD-specific instruction is to setup the wireguard containers to require the Wireguard kernel module, so that it refuses to run if it cannot find it.

On all setups, Wireguard must be installed on the host, and in the container you just need the client package.

Apart from that, it is an issue to come up with specific useful scenarios that make sense with LXD use.

I think one very specific scenario is LXD to LXD communication over Wireguard (and not TLS).

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I’ve been running a WG server inside LXD for months now. Works great. The only custom line in my config is:

  linux.kernel_modules: wireguard

There are a lot of good ideas here also…


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