Wondering if there are BTRFS issues?

I remember seeing on a reddit post that users 2 years ago had issues with BTRFS storage with LXD, however it was not clear if they were using a loopback device or custom a partition, and if they were using it correctly.

Are there any issues (performance, integrity, incompatibilities, etc) with using BTRFS with LXD 4.x that anybody knows about?

Any reason not to run it on a production server, just trying to get feedback on it.

Thanks in advance.

btrfs quotas are as crappy as ever (trivially bypassed) but other than that, things are usually okay. We have hundreds of thousands of users using it (all Chromebooks use btrfs for their LXD storage) and haven’t heard much in the way of problems there.

Just don’t enable RAID or compression on the device.

What happens if I do? asking for a friend.

RAID1 is usually okay, I’ve had bad issues with RAID5/6 and RAID0 is obviously a bad idea. Compression was also notoriously bad last I tried with a tendency to easily corrupt the filesystem when something goes wrong.

Back when I was using btrfs with RAID, I got pretty good at using the btrfs internal debugging tools to recover, but it wasn’t always easy.

Worth keeping in mind that this was 3-4 years ago, things change and btrfs has seen many improvements to stability since. I seem to recall RAID being a particular focus lately, I don’t know how reliable the compression is now.