Wordpress in production

Hi. I am looking advice here. Been playing with lxc for a month or so. All seems great. But should i move my vpss wordpress production sites to lxc containers. Or its more than what it is created to be used. My expectations not to have future downtimes and stability. In basic words should i stick with lxc for my development only and keep my vpss runing as they are. Advice please?

What is your current implementation? Are your websites on the same VPS, and you use virtual hosts/server blocks?
I know of cases using LXD for hosting WordPress. I believe it should be fine with LXC as well.

In addition, you can setup Jetpack on each Wordpress installation, and have WordPress.com automatically check (and report to you by email) if there is any downtime.

Hi. Can you elaborate on this; The current implementation;
runing multiple kvm vm’s on dedicated server, each site has mostly daily posts and visitors 5-10k monthly. all seems to be working great. now during the month i was playing with lxc i found it easy and much light on the server. back to the point from your expertise, should i stick with current setup adn use lxc for my development purpose only, or should my production wordpress sites to lxc?

LXC will also work for you and you can host there your WordPress websites.
However, it is good to find a reason to motivate you towards such a migration.

If you are happy with the cost of the baremetal server and you underutilize it,
then you can continue keeping the server as it is.
If you want to make your installation denser or even switch to a more affordable server, then
go for the migration to LXC.