Wrong LVM volume size on "incus import" my container


today I did a test to export and import a container.

I am talking about a very simple test:

incus export CONTAINERNAME --compression=none
incus delete CONTAINERNAME
incus import CONTAINERNAME.tar

But import is failing.
The message I get is a lot of “no space left on device” messages (per file) after a while.
This is because volume created by import is small.

I am using LVM for storage.
By running again and again the lvs command while the import is happening, I can see that incus has created a (default?) 10 GB volume for the container.

But this is not correct, because container had and should have 90 GB volume size.

I have extracted the .tar and indeed I see 90 GB inside backup/index.yaml and backup/container/backup.yaml files.

Here incus insist to go with a 10 GB volume and of course import process is failing when files are deployed.

Afterwards, I tried:
incus profile device set default root size=90GiB
but again incus creates a 10 GB volume on import.

Any ideas on how to make the import work?

Thank you very much.

You can probably work around this by setting incus storage set POOL volume.size=90GiB during the import.

But this does sound like a bug, so it’d be good to report it at GitHub - lxc/incus: Powerful system container and virtual machine manager

Thank you so much for your fast reply @stgraber

I only have a default pool, so I did now:

 incus storage set default volume.size=90GB

before starting the import.

This time the import process created a 90 GB volume and import was successful.

I will report this as you wrote.

Best regards.