Your feedback on the forum


So what do you guys think of the forum so far?

Does everything make sense? Did you run into any issue with registration or your first experience?


I like this kind of communication!

Discourse is cool. Hope this will attract more new users than the old email list. It’s definitely easier to pull up old posts, and if this has an edit function for posts, that’s a huge advantage over email – we could maintain FAQs almost wiki-style.

I’m not a fan of mailing lists, so this is very welcome. Great choice with Discourse as well!

Not sure about the categories though, there’s lots of overlap between LXC and LXD.

As LXD currently has become my hottest topic I pretty much like to see this forum.

I’m not against mailing lists per se, they can be quite useful sometimes, but for discussions and answering questions around LXD a forum is definitely the better place.

Very nice, but I think a very important feature is missing: upvote and downvote relevant comments.

thanks for setting this up Stéphane, registration process was simple and swift. Personally I don’t mind ML or forums, but what really wins me over is simplicity of management. With all my other groups in ML format, to have to manage LXC through a web page is less ideal. I look forward to figure out email integration and I’m sure the web format will come handy at some point.



You should be able to subscribe to particular categories or tags and have discourse send you those by e-mail.
Replies to those e-mails will be posted in the right section of the website.

There are a number of options you can tweak in your user preferences like how much history you want to receive, whether you still want to receive e-mails when you’re active on the site, …

There’s no stackoverflow style upvote/downvote indeed, but you can like individual comments which will impact the sender’s reputation. Offensive comments can be flagged for moderators to review.

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Best idea ever .
Mailing list are good only for active people. Forum like this is more for everybody .
Easy to read, easy to track and much better to follow .
Thanks !

I just made a couple of small changes to the forum.

  • Removed the lengthy prefix in all e-mail subjects
  • Added the ability to mark a response as “solving” a forum topic. Useful for support requests. Post authors (and admins) will see a new icon for it below responses.

Works better for me, since I get DMARC failure reports when sending through the mailinglist.

Stumbled across the forum the other day and am very pleased to see it exist! IRC and mailing lists are fine, but few things compare to a forum for enabling communication and organising discussions. Thanks for setting this up @stgraber :slight_smile:

As an aside, I mod the Nextcloud forum already, so if you need any help down the road here I’m more than happy to give back to the project!