ZFS best practices - custom volumes on same or another pool?

I’ve got HOST with 3 SSD - 3 zpool, one SSD for ZFS zpool
I run container on zpool1
I wonder where to create custom volumes to gain maximum performance
same zpool1 with container or
zpool2/zpool3 on different SSD’s

1.Are there any penalties when volumes are created on another zpools tha container’s one?
2.What if zpool2/zpool3 are used by another containers?

I assume that volumes such mail spools/logs etc. are much more I/O intensive than containers.


Of course, I assume that I will have to do a detailed analysis but I want to hear your opinions

It doesn’t matter where the filesystems come from, you can mix and match without issues.


Are there any penalties for mounting 100…1000 custom volumes to one container?
I am thinking about putting all home users into their own zfs datasets


You shouldn’t see a performance impact in read/write but tooling that frequently reads the mount table may slow down a bit due to having to read a lot of entries.

That usually only becomes noticeable when you reach into the thousands though.

thx for clarification
I am thinking about mounting datasets for mysql db’s data to separate db backup zfs operation
but that’s another story