ZFS on ZFS - Incus inside Incus

Hey dear team, can’t wait until Incus 1.0 is released! Thank you all for the wonderful work you do!

I was wondering what the state of ZFS inside a Container is?
I guess with Release zfs-2.2.0 · openzfs/zfs · GitHub it should be possible.

Will Incus support it? Does a Version of LXD allow it, that can be used until Incus is ready?

Incus already supports exposing ZFS to the container on systems running ZFS 2.2.

There’s is a zfs.delegate storage volume option to control it.

Worth noting that Incus 0.x is just as stable, supported and released on a similar cadence to LXD 5.x.

We just want all Linux Containers projects to have aligned version numbers so Incus will jump straight to 6.0 at the same time we release LXC and LXCFS 6.0.

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