Any future plans on a GUI?

I like terminal… but I am trying to pass LXD management knowledge to some people with not much terminal experience.

Are there any future plans on building a web management interface for LXD? I’ve seen a few open third party projects, but very outdated and with very little features.

Just a question


Check these 2 repos out… - this one looks a bit old though…

I think you can also work with LXD/LXC in Proxmox and OpenNebula, both of which offer web based gui’s

Yes… I have checked them both, but they are not like a serious client like the one for KVM, or other hypervisors (VMWare, Citrix Xen, etc…)

I meant if there were any future plans on the LXD roadmap to have a GUI client. As I mentioned… I am happy with the terminal, but I have found it difficult for non linux oriented people to get a hold of it.

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I realize that your question is a few years old, but I have been developing a web-based interface that may be worth checking out at

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@mpenning are you actively developing this still? Looks interesting. I’ve been looking for a web-console for LXD which would play nicely with juju.

Status of LXD web GUI’s on 16/10/2021 based on public info, none support juju out the box (or atoll for the juju matter).


UI Last Updated Status (Subjective)
LXDMosaic 16/10/21 Developed on GitHub so all commits pubic & tested.
No target release date.
@turtle0x1 (me)
lxd-dashboard 24/09/21 Development isn’t public (code is though).
Target release is the end of November.
nuber 11/08/21 Development isn’t public (code is though).
No target release date.

Questionably maintained

UI Last Updated Status (Subjective)
lxdui 01/07/21 Developers are slow but PR’s are frequent regardless.
No target release date.
lxdmanager-vue-dashboard 10/05/21 Started but last updated a while ago.
No target release date.

Happy to update this if maintainers want this updated (drop me a PM lets not clutter the thread).

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great job @turtle0x1 on putting this table together.

@erik_lonroth yes I am actively developing this, thanks! I have not built anything for juju yet so I am not sure what development there would require. The lxd-dashboard is a simple LAMP based application so I imagine building it to work with juju would be straight forward.

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It’s already working great in conjunction with juju. Juju doesn’t really change anything here, it just uses lxd.

I tried your interface out and it works wonderfully! I will definitely explore it more. It also helps alot to understand LXD better since your tool is very organized.

Is it possible to connect the Auth system to candid or ldap for users and roles?

That is wonderful that it works out of the box with juju. Currently there is only the local user authentication system in the dashboard. I have been considering expanding that with ldap. I will do some research on candid to see what that may offer too.