Any future plans on a GUI?

I like terminal… but I am trying to pass LXD management knowledge to some people with not much terminal experience.

Are there any future plans on building a web management interface for LXD? I’ve seen a few open third party projects, but very outdated and with very little features.

Just a question


Check these 2 repos out… - this one looks a bit old though…

I think you can also work with LXD/LXC in Proxmox and OpenNebula, both of which offer web based gui’s

Yes… I have checked them both, but they are not like a serious client like the one for KVM, or other hypervisors (VMWare, Citrix Xen, etc…)

I meant if there were any future plans on the LXD roadmap to have a GUI client. As I mentioned… I am happy with the terminal, but I have found it difficult for non linux oriented people to get a hold of it.

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I realize that your question is a few years old, but I have been developing a web-based interface that may be worth checking out at