Best "easy" distro to start with lxd on raspberry pi 3B+

Hi all

Anyone knows if there currently a ubuntu/rasbian/other OS distribution for raspberry-pi 3b+, that comes with LXD out-of-the-box (or easy to pos-install)?

Sorry if this query is out of scope for this forum - please let me know in such case


You can try Ubuntu Core, which has images specifically for the RPI 2/3,

And you can use LXD on Ubuntu Core:

Thanks, for the indication

When I latter saw to download ubuntu core, it asks to register in a webpage, it made me have crossed-feelings… I’ll take note in any case


This should be the page you are referring to,

It asks you to use your Ubuntu Single-Sign On (SSO) (i.e. your account as an anchor point to get safely your SSH public key that you have put there. Because with Ubuntu Core you primarily connect remotely using SSH.

In addition, Ubuntu Core uses snaps, so the account is also your account for the Snap Store.

ok, thanks for explaining it