Ubuntu Core 16.04 LTS as a Host OS for LXD on x86-64 servers?

Ubuntu Core seems as though it would be a very good and very secure host OS for LXD. I understand that Core’s focus is on IoT devices, but all the security, read only focus and application isolation is making me wonder if maybe Ubuntu Core could be a good host OS for LXD, especially since LXD is one of the available snappy packages.

But finding the proper iso download to install Ubuntu Core on standard x86-64 servers is not easy. It almost seems as though Core may not be available for x86-64 servers, at least not as the host OS.

Is Ubuntu Core a suitable or even recommended LXD host OS for use on x86-64 servers?

Current Ubuntu Core images: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-core/16/stable/current/
Take the amd64.img.xz one for x86-64.

Ubuntu Core should work fine as a LXD host, especially if you interact with it remotely using the LXD tools.
Local interactions on an Ubuntu Core system tend to be pretty limited, but thankfully you don’t have to do so with LXD.

We don’t recommend production environments use the LXD snap yet as we’re still working on a number of shortcomings with it but most of those are related to the LXD snap on classic Ubuntu rather than used on Ubuntu Core. I don’t actually expect any problem when using the LXD stable snap on Ubuntu Core.

I’ve tried to use LXD in Ubuntu Core on a raspberry pi .
Core is read-only so i’ can’t create the LXD group , can’t add my user in a group…etc…
For me it looks not possible to use LXD in COre without changing some things ( but i’don’t know wich things to change )

I Use LXD on Ubuntu Server and it’s marvellous !
You make a fantastic job Stephane !
Bye !!

(excuse my poor english, i’m french )

It’s possible to create user and groups on Ubuntu Core, but you need to pass a --extrausers flag to have it write those to a separate, writable file. It certainly does take some getting used to as most of the system is indeed read-only.

Thank you for the fast response !
I’ll try CORE again later .