Distrobuilder 1.1 has been released


The distrobuilder team is proud to announce its initial release, distrobuilder 1.1!

This release’s highlight is the introduction of VM image building support following LXD’s introduction of VM support.

As part of this, distrobuilder also now relies on overlayfs to store deltas while building images (rather than attempting to undo changes).

On top of those two changes, this release also fixes a variety of issues in the different distro source drivers as needed when URLs and files change.

The full list of commits is available below:

Detailed changelog
  • Advertise the (classic) snap package in the README
  • Fix link to examples dir
  • sources/oracle: Add support for Oracle Linux 8
  • Drop .snapcraf.yaml in favor of snapcraft-pkg-snap repo
  • sources/oracle: Fix Oracle Linux 8
  • managers/yum: Add repo handler
  • managers/dnf: Add repo handler
  • Remove references to “apt_sources”
  • sources: Fix OpenWrt
  • sources: Fix OpenWrt test
  • Fix syntax for custom-manager
  • sources: Fix type in OpenWrt build
  • distrobuilder: Extend pongo2 template usage
  • Add support “flags” in package sets
  • Don’t attempt to re-install packages that were installed early
  • managers/apk: Add repo handler
  • sources/alpine: Fix edge builds
  • sources: Support CentOS Stream
  • sources/centos: Fix filename regexes
  • Fix example command in index.md
  • Update index.md - separate LXD and LXC examples
  • sources/void: Update location of checksums
  • sources/alpine: Fix regex
  • shared/definition: Add LXD target
  • shared/definition: Add VM field to target
  • shared/definition: Add GetTypes to filter
  • shared: Export ChrootMount struct
  • *: Pass custom mounts to SetupChroot()
  • *: Support VM filtering
  • distrobuilder: Use overlayfs
  • generators: Pass target to Run* functions
  • doc: Update docs
  • generators: Add lxd-agent generator
  • doc: Add lxd-agent generator
  • generators: Add fstab generator
  • generators: Fix lxd-agent function signatures
  • *: Add VM support
  • vm: Make VM size uint64
  • generators/lxd-agent: Fix systemd unit files
  • vm: Ensure loop device is unmounted before creating image
  • *: Use errors.Wrap() when possible
  • generators: Remove StoreFile and RestoreFiles
  • *: Replace syscall package with unix
  • main: Check VM dependencies
  • *: Use errors.Wrap() when possible
  • managers/pacman: Clean up properly
  • managers: Add preRefresh hook
  • managers/opkg: Use preRefresh hook
  • vm: Handle loop partitions inside containers
  • shared/chroot: Recursively bind /dev
  • main: Add more VM dependencies
  • image/lxd: Rename resulting VM image
  • shared/chroot: Make /dev/fuse read-only
  • shared: Close created files
  • generator/lxd-agent: Fix systemd units path
  • main: Fix build-lxd for VMs
  • chroot: Unmount /dev/fuse
  • shared: Differentiate between build-dir and others
  • chroot: Don’t bind-mount /dev
  • chroot: Fix mode for special files in /dev
  • shared/definition: Fix early packages
  • main: Fix file generators
  • generators/lxd-agent: Add trans=virtio option
  • chroot: Remove obsolete code
  • main,shared: Fix undefined image target
  • chroot: Perform package refresh only when needed
  • generators/lxd-agent: Fix openRC service file
  • sources/opensuse: Fix openSUSE
  • sources/opensuse: Fix verification
  • data: Fix core16 initrd
  • generators/lxd-agent: Fix running order
  • lxd-agent: Restart on failure
  • generators/lxd-agent: Fixes ordering issue with lxd-agent
  • managers/apt: Handle repo keys
  • shared/chroot: Create /dev/shm
  • sources/openwrt: Fix snapshot release
  • shared/chroot: Fix /dev/shm file mode
  • sources/funtoo: Fix image and gpg URLs
  • shared/util: Fix checksum matching
  • test: Update checksum matching
  • shared/util: Fix checksum matching
  • test: Update checksum matching
  • cloud-init: Update for virtual machines
  • shared/definition: Add Mode, GID and UID to files
  • generators: Add file access handler
  • generators/dump: Allow changing mode, UID and GID
  • doc/generators: Update dump generator
  • doc/examples/schema: Add mode, gid and uid
  • generators/utils: Fix condition
  • shared: Handle multiple checksums
  • shared/util_test: Update checksum test
  • shared/net: Fix checksum check regression
  • shared/definition: Add Pongo option to files
  • generators/dump: Support pongo2 templates
  • generators/cloud-init: Support pongo2 templates
  • generators/template: Support pongo2 templates
  • doc: Document pongo2
  • Update for change to RunCommandSplit
  • travis: Move to bionic
  • shared/util: preserve xattrs in Pack/PackUpdate
  • sources/opensuse: Fix x86 tarballs
  • sources/centos: Fix CentOS 8 checksum file
  • shared/util: Fix locale when importing GPG keys
  • chroot: Resolve parent directory symlinks
  • shared/chroot: Fix parent directory symlink again
  • sources/oracle: Consider boot images only
  • lxd-agent: Update units
  • lxd-agent: Add udev rules
  • generators/lxd-agent: Add symlink workaround for openSUSE
  • lxd-agent: Fix symlink logic
  • doc/examples: Update Ubuntu example
  • managers/yum: Pass “–allowerasing” flag
  • Revert “managers/yum: Pass “–allowerasing” flag”
  • managers/yum: Use --allowerasing when available
  • sources/centos: Handle list of multiple images
  • sources: Fix apertis test
  • travis: Update Go versions
  • managers: Add luet pms
  • add arch deps
  • sources/apertis: Fix tests
  • doc/building: Document --vm flag
  • doc/generators: Add fstab


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Hi there and thank you for this update!

Is there any ETA on when the distrobuilder snap will be updated? I installed it today on Fedora and it is still at v1.0/October 2019 (cf its snapcraft entry)

This prevents usage with the latest distro files from the lxc-ci website as the tool chokes on the new generator types:

$ sudo distrobuilder build-lxc fedora.yaml 
Error: files.*.generator must be one of [dump template hostname hosts remove upstart-tty cloud-init]

(this command uses the Fedora-packaged version of distrobuilder but the snap daemon one also reports 1.0)

Thanks for this good tool, I’ll build from source in the meantime

Ah yeah, we should do something about the stable snap.
Our infrastructure uses the edge snap which is auto-updated daily.

Ah, thanks for mentioning that. We can live off that snap then, esp if you also use it on your end

Building from source did work fine here.