How to enable camera & audio in LXD virtual machine


Have installed a win10 virtual machine following the below instructions.

The camera and audio is working in the host system Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS. However not accessible in the lxd container / Windows 10 virtual machine.

Have enabled audio by following the solution on, Enable audio in LXD Virtual Machine
However getting the below error frequently and the audio stops playing in the VM.

dev/shm/jack_db-0/__db.001: No such file or directory
(remote-viewer:20659): GSpice-WARNING **: 23:11:29.077: playback: ignoring volume change on audiosink
(remote-viewer:20659): GSpice-WARNING **: 23:11:29.077: playback: ignoring mute change on audiosink

Couldn’t find a way to make it work in the virtual machine. How to pass/ enable camera in the virtual machine/ LXD container.

Hope some of you could assist! Thank you!

I am not sure what’s wrong. You may get some help by reading how to setup audio in a Windows VM at my guide, How to run a Windows virtual machine on Incus on Linux – Mi blog lah!

Incus is a continuation of LXD and this is a support forum for Incus and LXC.

Thank you very much @simos for your response. Your blog is very good and the explanations are much nicer. Similar to your blog have enabled audio through QEMU. The audio works most of the time but after a restart of the VM, it fails sometime. Sorry it is not happening consistently but the message posted above is consistent while the issue is happening.

As for enabling the in-built webcam in the VM, do you have any comments / pointers? Thank you!

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