Incus 6.0 LTS has been released


It’s with great pride and pleasure that the Incus team is announcing the release of Incus 6.0 LTS!

Incus is a modern system container and virtual machine manager developed and maintained by the same team that first created LXD. It’s released under the Apache 2.0 license and is run as a community led Open Source project as part of the Linux Containers organization.

Incus provides a cloud-like environment, creating instances from premade images and offers a wide variety of features, including the ability to seamlessly cluster up to 50 servers together.

It supports multiple different local or remote storage options, traditional or fully distributed networking and offers most common cloud features, including a full REST API and integrations with common tooling like Ansible, Terraform/OpenTofu and more!


This is a major milestone for Incus as it marks our first release with extended support, suitable for use in production environments where monthly feature releases aren’t suitable.

It joins LXC 6.0 LTS and LXCFS 6.0 LTS in wrapping up this round of LTS releases.

Just like its sister projects, Incus 6.0 LTS will be supported until June 2029.
The first 2 years will feature bug and security fixes as well as minor usability improvements, delivered through occasional point releases (6.0.x). After that initial two years, Incus 6.0 LTS will move to security only maintenance for the remaining of its 5 years of support.

As usual, you can try it for yourself online: Linux Containers - Incus - Try it online


PS: Incus was made possible thanks to the work of over 70 individual contributors!

Changes since Incus 0.7

Swap limits for containers

The existing limits.memory.swap configuration key for containers has been extended to also allow for byte amounts.

This now makes its behavior be as follows:

  • limits.memory.swap=true => Container memory may be swapped (default)
  • limits.memory.swap=false => Container shouldn’t get swapped (minimal swappiness)
  • limits.memory.swap=256MiB => Container can use up to 256MiB of swap space (in addition to its memory limit set through limits.memory)

Example (cgroup2 system):

stgraber@dakara:~$ incus launch images:debian/12 d12 -c limits.memory=1GiB
Launching d12
stgraber@dakara:~$ incus exec d12 bash
root@d12:~# free -m
               total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available           
Mem:            1024          21         983           0          19        1002
Swap:              0           0           0
stgraber@dakara:~$ incus config set d12 limits.memory.swap=128MiB
stgraber@dakara:~$ incus exec d12 bash
root@d12:~# free -m      
               total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:            1024          21         983           0          19        1002
Swap:            128           0         128

New shell completion mechanism

With this release, we complete the migration away from a hand-maintained bash completion script and over to generate completion scripts directly in our command line tool.

Completion profiles are now available for:

  • bash
  • fish
  • powershell
  • zsh

The profile can be retrieved by calling incus completion <shell> (e.g. incus completion bash) though this will generally be done by packagers as part of the Incus package build process.

Creation of external bridge interfaces

The managed network bridge configuration syntax for external interfaces, bridge.external_interfaces has now been extended to allow for the creation and attachment of VLAN interfaces.

stgraber@dakara:~$ incus network set incusbr0 bridge.external_interfaces=vlan60/enp35s0/60
stgraber@dakara:~$ ip link show dev vlan60
269: vlan60@enp35s0: <NO-CARRIER,BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP> mtu 1500 qdisc noqueue master incusbr0 state LOWERLAYERDOWN mode DEFAULT group default qlen 1000
    link/ether 00:23:a4:01:01:6f brd ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff
stgraber@dakara:~$ incus network unset incusbr0 bridge.external_interfaces
stgraber@dakara:~$ ip link show dev vlan60
Device "vlan60" does not exist.

Live-migration of VMs with attached disks (from remote storage)

As an extension to our ever improving VM live-migration support, virtual-machines with additional disks attached to them which come from a “remote” storage pool (ceph or lvmcluster) will now be live-migratable alongside the virtual machine.

No user action is required for this to happen, you’ll simply now notice that virtual machines that previously would have refused to live-migrate through either a manual incus move --target or a cluster evacuation will now happily live-migrate to another server.

System information in incus info --resources

A new System section is now visible in incus info --resources

stgraber@dakara:~$ incus info --resources
  UUID: 88eecd60-34fc-9f97-48f5-fc34979f48f6
  Vendor: ASUS
  Product: System Product Name
  Family: To be filled by O.E.M.
  Version: System Version
  Serial: System Serial Number
  Type: physical
      Vendor: Default string
      Type: Desktop
      Version: Default string
      Serial: Default string
      Product: ProArt B550-CREATOR
      Serial: 210382121300122
      Version: Rev X.0x
      Vendor: American Megatrends Inc.
      Version: 2803
      Date: 04/28/2022


Having access to this information is particularly useful in clustered environments where incus info --resources can be used with the --target argument to query specific servers, check that all firmwares are up to date and check what machines one is dealing with.

This feature was contributed by University of Texas at Austin students.

USB devices in incus info --resources

A new USB devices section is now visible in incus info --resources

stgraber@dakara:~$ incus info --resources

USB devices:
  Device 0:
    Vendor: Intel Corp.
    Vendor ID: 8087
    Product: AX200 Bluetooth
    Product ID: 0029
    Bus Address: 1
    Device Address: 6
  Device 1:
    Vendor: Corsair
    Vendor ID: 1b1c
    Product: H150iRGBPROXT
    Product ID: 0c22
    Bus Address: 1
    Device Address: 5
  Device 2:
    Vendor: ASUSTek Computer, Inc.
    Vendor ID: 0b05
    Product: AURA LED Controller
    Product ID: 19af
    Bus Address: 1
    Device Address: 2
  Device 3:
    Vendor: Realtek Semiconductor Corp.
    Vendor ID: 0bda
    Product: TX42C500
    Product ID: 4933
    Bus Address: 5
    Device Address: 2
  Device 4:
    Vendor: Blue Microphones
    Vendor ID: b58e
    Product: Yeti Stereo Microphone
    Product ID: 9e84
    Bus Address: 5
    Device Address: 15
  Device 5:
    Vendor ID: 1050
    Product: YubiKey FIDO+CCID
    Product ID: 0406
    Bus Address: 5
    Device Address: 29
  Device 6:
    Vendor: Logitech, Inc.
    Vendor ID: 046d
    Product: HD Pro Webcam C920
    Product ID: 082d
    Bus Address: 5
    Device Address: 17
  Device 7:
    Vendor: Powerware Corp.
    Vendor ID: 0592
    Product: Powerware UPS
    Product ID: 0002
    Bus Address: 7
    Device Address: 2

That information comes in very handy when adding a USB device to a container or virtual machine.

This feature was contributed by University of Texas at Austin students.

Changes since LXD 5.0 LTS

For those coming from the LXD 5.0 LTS release, here is a concise list of what to expect as far as features having been removed and what has been added both in subsequent LXD feature releases and then through Incus.

Feature removal

A number of features that were Ubuntu or Canonical specific were removed as part of the creation of the Incus project. A number of legacy APIs have also been removed at the same time.
You’ll find the full list in the Incus 0.1 announcement.


  • shiftfs has been removed in favor of VFS idmap shifting
  • Canonical Candid authentication has been removed in favor of OpenID Connect
  • Canonical RBAC authorization has been removed in favor of OpenFGA
  • Canonical MAAS network integration has been removed (under/unused feature)
  • Ubuntu Fan networking has been removed in favor of OVN
  • core.trust_password has been removed in favor of trust tokens for security reasons

Feature additions

Here are a few highlights from the many new features introduced within the 2 years since the release of LXD 5.0 LTS.

Complete changelog

Here is a complete list of all changes since Incus 0.7:

Full commit list
  • Translated using Weblate (Japanese)
  • Translated using Weblate (Japanese)
  • incus/image: Fix column handling with --all-projects
  • Replace util.ValueInSlice with slices.Contains
  • shared/util: Delete ValueInSlice function
  • incus/image: Fix column handling with --all-projects
  • incusd/instance/qemu: Relocate image requirement checks
  • doc/images: Add requirements.cdrom_agent
  • incusd/instance/qemu: Add support for requirements.cdrom_agent
  • incusd/device/disk: Fix incorrect block volume usage
  • Translated using Weblate (Japanese)
  • incusd/network/ovn: Use ParseIPToNet instead of manual IPToNet and net.ParseIP
  • incusd/network/ovn: Use listenAddressNet in family check
  • incusd/instance/drivers: Disable architecture check on incus cp with snapshots
  • Translated using Weblate (French)
  • incusd/network/bridge: Set local address on all VXLAN tunnels
  • incus/instance/qemu: Fix RecordOutput
  • incus: add completions for instance actions and snapshots
  • incus: add completions for profiles
  • incusd/network/ovn: Introduce get helper
  • incusd/network/ovn: Add some missing indices
  • incusd/network/ovn: Use get helper
  • incusd/network/ovn: Fix LogicalSwitchPortIPs logic
  • incusd/network/bridge: Fix gofmt
  • incusd/network/ovn: Fix gofmt
  • cmd/incus: Use proper timestamp check
  • cmd/incus: Use consistent date format and timezone
  • client: Rename network_peer for consistency
  • cmd/incusd: Rename network_peer to network_peers
  • shared/api: Rename network_allocation for consistency
  • incusd/db: Fix comment typoes
  • incusd/db/generate: Fix bad camel case handling
  • incusd/db/network_peers: Fix duplicate type definitions
  • incusd/auth: Drop Permission type
  • incusd/auth: Add boilerplate doc strings
  • incusd/images: Properly handle null creation and expiry dates
  • incus: add completions for remotes
  • incus: add completions for projects
  • incusd/images: Fix reporting of images in multiple projects
  • github: Add static build of lxd-to-incus
  • lxd-to-incus: Add support for Alpine service name
  • lxd-to-incus: Re-organize target list
  • lxd-to-incus: Add support for APK
  • Makefile: Add OVN IC to update-ovsdb
  • incusd/network: Update OVS/OVN schemas
  • incusd/network/ovn: Add IC clients
  • incusd/network/ovn: Add GetName to NB client
  • incusd/network/ovn: Add GetGateways to ICSB
  • incusd/network/ovn: Introduce new errors
  • incusd/network/ovn: Add CreateTransitSwitch and DeleteTransitSwitch to ICNB
  • incusd/device/gpu_sriov: Add locking
  • incusd/device/gpu_sriov: Re-locate vfio-pci loading
  • incusd/device/gpu_sriov: Rework VF allocation logic
  • incus/remote: Add a generate-certificate sub-command
  • i18n: Update translation templates
  • incusd/drivers/qmp: Add SetBlockThrottle
  • incusd/device/disk/config: Add DiskLimits
  • incusd/device/disk: Re-shuffle limit parsing
  • incusd/device/disk: Add disk limits on VMs
  • incusd/device/disk: Support live limits update for VMs
  • incusd/instance/qemu: Support disk I/O limits
  • incus/remote: Add missing docstrings
  • incusd/certificates: Improve token handling when clustered
  • cmd/incusd/api_1.0: Update context
  • cmd/incusd/api_cluster: Update context
  • cmd/incusd/api_internal: Update context
  • cmd/incusd/daemon: Update context
  • cmd/incusd/api_project: Update context
  • cmd/incusd/certificates: Update context
  • cmd/incusd/images: Update context
  • cmd/incusd/instance: Update context
  • cmd/incusd/network: Update context
  • cmd/incusd/operations: Update context
  • cmd/incusd/profiles: Update context
  • cmd/incusd/storage: Update context
  • cmd/incusd/warnings: Update context
  • incusd/devices: Skip isolated threads from NUMA CPUs
  • incusd/devices: Restrict CPU threads by NUMA node
  • incusd/instance/qemu: Add support for limits.cpu.nodes
  • incusd/device/gpu: Add support for limits.cpu.nodes for VF selection
  • incusd: Fix import shadowing
  • incusd/images: Fix potential race condition
  • incusd/instance/qemu: Add support for NUMA node restrictions for memory
  • incusd/apparmor/qemu: Silence apparmor failures
  • incusd/network/ovs: Introduce new errors
  • incusd/network/ovn/nb: Move SetChassisGroupPriority to new function signature
  • incusd/network/ovn/sb: Move GetLogicalRouterPortActiveChassisHostname to new function signature
  • incusd/network/ovs: Move GetBridge to new function signature
  • incusd/network/ovs: Move CreateBridge to new function signature
  • incusd/network/ovs: Move DeleteBridge to new function signature
  • incusd/network/ovs: Move CreateBridgePort to new function signature
  • incusd/network/ovs: Move GetChassisID to new function signature
  • incusd/network/ovs: Move GetOVNBridgeMappings to new function signature
  • incusd/network: Update for function changes
  • incusd/device/nic: Update for function changes
  • incusd: Update for function changes
  • doc: Fix bad snapshot syntax
  • Translated using Weblate (French)
  • doc: Fix token creation procedure
  • incusd/network/ovn/nb: Add GetLogicalSwitch
  • incusd/network/ovn/nb: Replace ChassisGroupChassisDelete with SetChassisGroupPriority
  • incusd/network/ovn/nb: Port CreateLogicalRouterPort to OVSDB
  • incusd/network/ovn/nb: Replace LogicalRouterPortLinkChassisGroup with CreateLogicalRouterPort
  • incusd/network/ovn/nb: Port CreateChassisGroup to OVSDB
  • incusd/network/ovn/nb: Port CreateLogicalSwitch to OVSDB
  • incusd/network/ovn: Update for function changes
  • incusd/network/ovn: Remove state references
  • incusd/state: Add OVNNB and OVNSB handles
  • incusd: Update to use state for OVN
  • incusd/device: Make init function return error
  • incusd/device: Add OVN check on nicOVN
  • client: Still return response on RawQuery error
  • incus/query: Respect --raw for errors
  • incusd/network/acl: Add OVN check
  • incusd/network: Make init function return error
  • incusd/network: Add OVN check on ovn driver
  • incusd/api: Re-order config checks
  • incusd: Add OVN loader
  • Translated using Weblate (French)
  • incusd/network/ovn/nb: Port CreateLogicalSwitchPort to OVSDB
  • incusd/network/ovn/nb: Port DeleteLogicalSwitchPort to OVSDB
  • incusd/network/ovn/nb: Port DeleteLogicalRouterPort to OVSDB
  • incusd/network/ovn: Update for function changes
  • incusd/network/ovs: Port GetOVNSouthboundDBRemoteAddress to OVSDB
  • incusd/network/ovs: Port DeleteBridgePort to OVSDB
  • incusd/network/ovs: Port GetInterfaceAssociatedOVNSwitchPort to OVSDB
  • incusd/network/ovs: Align GetChassisID with other functions
  • incusd: Update for OVS function changes
  • incusd/network/ovn/icsb: Fix bad DB schema
  • incusd/network/ovn/nb: Introduce GetLogicalRouterPort
  • incusd/network/ovn/nb: Extend OVNSwitchPortOpts to handle router ports
  • incusd/network/ovn/nb: Change type of RouterPort field to OVNRouterPort
  • incusd/network/ovn/nb: Port DeleteChassisGroup to OVSDB
  • incusd/network/ovn/icnb: Update DeleteTransitSwitch to handle missing switches
  • incusd/network/ovn: Update for function changes
  • Translated using Weblate (French)
  • incus/completion: do not add a space after remote names completion
  • incusd/device/disk: Disable virtiofsd caching
  • incus-agent: Cleanup mount logic
  • Translated using Weblate (French)
  • incus: expose parseVolume to entire package
  • incus: add completions for storage pools and volumes
  • incusd/device/gpu_sriov: Fix default handling
  • doc/packaging: Add mention of documentation
  • incusd/auth: Fix --all-projects for restricted users
  • doc: Add third party tools page
  • gomod: Update dependencies
  • incusd/auth/tls: Prevent project modifications
  • doc: Update wordlist
  • internal/usbid: allow path override of usb.ids path
  • incus/completion: fix image names completion
  • doc/environment: document INCUS_USBIDS_PATH
  • incusd/instance/qemu/agent: Check for semanage
  • incusd/project: Fix config name in ImageProjectFromRecord
  • incus/restart: Fix long description
  • i18n: Update translations
  • lxd-to-incus: Handle common existing bridges
  • shared/simplestreams: Remove defaultOS
  • shared/simplestreams: Add NewLocalClient
  • incus-simplestreams: Introduce new command
  • incus-simplestreams: Simplify delete logic
  • doc: Re-organize image server doc
  • doc: Add section for incus-simplestreams
  • incusd/seccomp: Add support for pidfd threads
  • incus: add completions for clusters
  • incus: add completions for cluster groups
  • incus: add completions for cluster roles
  • incus: add completions for config devices
  • incus: add completions for config templates
  • update translations
  • doc: Update references to mage docs
  • doc/backup: Remove bad reference
  • incus: add completions for network acls
  • shared/api: Add new structs to support configuration metadata
  • client: Add GetMetadataConfiguration
  • incusd: Rename documentation.go → metadata.go
  • doc/rest-api: Refresh swagger YAML
  • shared/api/metadata: Add GetKeys to simplify usage
  • incusd: Add support for JWT authentication
  • gomod: Update dependencies
  • tests: Add tls2jwt tool
  • tests: Add JWT authentication test
  • api: auth_tls_jwt
  • doc/authentication: Add section on JWT
  • doc/instances: Remove size.state requirement for live migration
  • incusd/instance/qemu: Allow live migration without size.state
  • shared/idmap: Support uid/gid in subuid/subgid
  • shared/cliconfig: Copy clientcerts on remote copy
  • shared/cliconfig: Add HasRemoteClientCertificate
  • shared/cliconfig: Support per-remote client certificates
  • doc: Add clientcerts
  • incusd/cluster/config: Add oidc.claim
  • incusd/auth/oidc: Add support for using a specific claim as username
  • incusd: Pass OIDC claim to verifier
  • api: oidc_claim
  • doc: Update configs
  • doc/howto/instances: Mention extra resources in ISO guidea
  • doc/installing: Add Debian backport
  • doc: Add backported to dictionary
  • lxd-to-incus: Add support for LXD 5.21
  • shared/cliconfig: Ensure client certificate key is 0600
  • api: device_usb_serial
  • doc: Add busnum, devnum and serial to USB devices
  • shared/api: Add Serial to ResourcesUSBDevice
  • incusd/resources: Add USB Serial
  • incusd/devices/usb: Add serial, busnum and devnum options
  • doc/rest-api: Refresh swagger YAML
  • incusd/instance/qemu: Fix handling of > 64 limits.cpu
  • incusd/device/gpu_sriov: Implement NUMA fallback
  • incus: add completions for network forwards
  • incus: add completions for network load balancers
  • shared/validate: Remove stringInSlice
  • shared/validate: Add And and Or functions
  • shared/util: Move ParseUint32Range
  • incusd/project: Update for ParseUint32Range
  • doc/instance_options: Remove mention of limits.cpu.nodes from container-only section
  • incusd/devices: Better handle bad config
  • api: numa_cpu_balanced
  • internal/instance: Add support for balanced NUMA nodes
  • doc: Update configs
  • incusd/instance/common: Add NUMA balancing
  • incusd/instance/lxc: Add support for balanced NUMA allocation
  • incusd/instance/qemu: Add support for balanced NUMA allocation
  • incusd/devices: Add support for balanced NUMA allocation
  • incusd/device/gpu_sriov: Simplify NUMA logic
  • doc/cloud-init: Don’t mention non-existing remotes
  • doc/howto/images_remote: Fix wording around image servers
  • doc/benchmark: Fix install command
  • incusd/instance/common: Fix CanMigrate mutating devices
  • incusd/instance/qemu: Reduce agent queries
  • incusd/metrics: Don’t filter out all server metrics
  • incusd/auth/tls: Include project restrictions for metrics certificates
  • incusd/auth/tls: Return project-aware checker for metrics
  • incusd/metrics: Use project-specific checker if no global access
  • internal/server/instance/lxd: add support for image.requirments.nesting
  • api: add image_restriction_nesting
  • doc/images: introduce requirements.nesting
  • Show the count values in snapshot count mismatch error
  • incus/admin/init: Use btrfs subvol in --auto
  • incus-migrate: Clarify that disk image files must be raw
  • incusd/network/ovn/icnb: Fix comment
  • incusd/project: Re-format the comments
  • incusd/project: Fix bad default value
  • doc: Update configs
  • incus/migrate: Add CSM support
  • incusd/storage/backend: Better handle name conflicts
  • incus-migrate: Support using the local server
  • api: network_integrations
  • shared/api: Add type and target_integration fields to NetworkPeersPost
  • incusd/db/cluster: Add networks_integrations
  • incusd/db/cluster: Re-generate schema
  • incusd/db/cluster: Add generated DB code for network integrations
  • incusd/db: Update network peer DB query functions
  • client: Add check for network_integrations in CreateNetworkPeer
  • incus/network/peer: Add support for network peer types
  • shared/api: Add network integrations
  • client: Add network integration functions
  • incus/network: Introduce support for integrations
  • incusd/auth: Add network integration functions
  • shared/api: Add lifecycle events for network integrations
  • incusd/lifecycle: Add network integration events
  • incusd: Add network integration API
  • incusd/db: Add GetNetworkPeersURLByIntegration
  • incusd/network_integration: Add UsedBy field
  • incusd/network_integrations: Add validator
  • incusd/network/ovn: Add support for peering with OVN IC
  • incusd/project: Add restricted.networks.integrations
  • incusd/project: Add NetworkIntegrationAllowed
  • incusd/network/integrations: Respect project restrictions
  • incusd/network/ovn: Add support for integration restrictions
  • incusd/auth/openfga: Update the model
  • incusd/auth/openfga: Update the generated model
  • incusd/auth/openfga: Handle model updates
  • incusd: Remove
  • incusd/db/cluster: Remove
  • doc/ovn_peers: Add remote peering
  • doc: Add documentation for network integrations
  • doc/rest-api: Refresh swagger YAML
  • i18n: Update translation templates
  • doc: Update configs
  • gomod: Update dependencies


The Incus documentation can be found at:


There are no official Incus packages as Incus upstream only releases regular release tarballs. Below are some available options to get Incus up and running.

Linux packages

Incus is available for most common Linux distributions. You’ll find detailed installation instructions in our documentation.

Homebrew package for the Incus client

The client tool is available through HomeBrew for both Linux and MacOS.

Chocolatey package for the Incus client

The client tool is available through Chocolatey for Windows users.

Winget package for the Incus client

The client tool is also available through Winget for Windows users.

Migrating from LXD

A lxd-to-incus migration tool allows for in-place migration from LXD to Incus.
It’s been tested with LXD versions as low as 4.0 LTS and as high as the latest LXD 5.21 bugfix release.

It allows for a very quick migration from LXD over to Incus, automatically checking for potential conflicts ahead of time.


More details can be found here: Migrating from LXD - Incus documentation


Incus 6.0 LTS will be supported for a total of 5 years (until June 2029).

During the first 2 years, new point releases will be issued including a mix of bug and security fixes as well as some minor usabiltiy improvements. After that initial 2 years (after Incus 7.0 LTS is released), Incus 6.0 LTS will transition to security fixes only for the remaining 3 years.

This matches what we’ve been doing for our other projects (LXC and LXCFS) over the past 10 years.

Community support is provided at:
Commercial support is available through: Zabbly - Incus services
Bugs can be reported at: Issues · lxc/incus · GitHub


Video overview of Incus 6.0 LTS.


Congratulations to all the contributors on the release of Incus 6.0 LTS! Your hard work and dedication have paid off, and this milestone is a testament to your expertise and commitment. Wishing you all continued success as you unveil this exciting new version to the world.


Very nice!

It seems late in the day, but is this expected to find its way into Ubuntu 24.04 noble? Otherwise I can see some confusion between 0.6 and 6.0.

I don’t think it will. We’re not in charge of those packages but basically Ubuntu just inherits what’s in Debian. Debian did push Incus 0.7 and is currently working on 6.0 LTS, but Ubuntu is close to a release (not to mention currently in a massive rebuild mess because of the xz issue) so it’s unlikely that they’ll be importing new software versions from Debian at this point.

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I’ll be uploading Incus 6.0 LTS to Debian unstable as soon as a couple of packages clear the NEW queue. Given the focus on remediating the fallout from the xz backdoor by the ftpmasters and other Debian teams, I’m not sure how long that will take.


Alpine edge now has Incus 6. It will be included in the next stable release 3.20 due in May. Users will be able to migrate from LXD 5.0 LTS to Incus 6.0.

  • limits.memory.swap=true => Container memory may be swapped (default)
  • limits.memory.swap=false => Container shouldn’t get swapped (minimal swappiness)
  • limits.memory.swap=256MiB => Container can use up to 256MiB of swap space (in addition to its memory limit set through limits.memory)

Does this mean I can disable swap completely by setting the value to 0MiB or just 0?

No, it’s impossible to completely prevent the kernel from swapping you, the best you can do is set to false which will not allocate any extra memory for swap AND will set the swappiness to make it as unlikely as possible that the kernel would choose to swap any of your memory.

@candlerb, Incus 6.0 LTS was accepted into noble’s release archive earlier today, so it should be part of the final release later this week.


Oh, that’s a very nice surprise, I didn’t expect that to happen just a week prior to release!